A story of vice, mystery and honour. Dodger, a character inspired by Charles Dickens’ pickpocket Artful Dodger from Oliver Twist, from the very first pages, becomes involuntarily involved is a plot which will turn his life upside down. The protagonist, a street urchin whose job is to search sewage for coins and other valuables, saves a beautiful young girl from the hands of dangerous villains who work for an influential and cruel stranger. Dodger meets both, new friends and foes. One of his allies is Charlie Dickens, a journalist and writer who works on Fleetstreet, the very heart of English journalism and publishing.


The more young Dodger becomes famous, the more enemies he gains, his encounter with a murderous barber Sweeney Todd, brings him both publicity and a raised price on his head. Armed with the famous Todd’s blade, Dodger continues to look for the young girl’s torturers. Pratchett’s novel is a meticulously woven jigsaw of both historical and fictional figures tangled up in a set of – again, historically accurate and utterly made-up situation. This method of writing will neither let the readers think that this is a fantasy story, nor bereave them of the feeling that this mysterious muddy, bloody London still exists.




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