A week of variety, try your English again!


We had decided to organize a week of variety to start from Monday and finish on Friday before Christmas break. As such on Monday there was a short workshop, the aim of which was to compare history of Poland and Greece in terms of Nazi occupation during the Second World War. The short presentations were prepared by students from IB together with the teacher Ms. M. Karnówka. Why did we mention Greece? Well, I guess You all know that thanks to Technical School we have a Greek teacher in our school Ms. Vassiliki Tsirevelou and it seems to be interesting to get to know a bit more about the history of European countries, right?

On Tuesday, class 2e organized The Day of Healthy Food. Our aim was to promote healthy food, accounting for the reasons why wholesome products are worth buying. On this day students of our school could buy e. g. freshly-squeezed juice, sandwiches with smoked salmon, various fruit and vegetable salads. There was also a hot meal: a codfish roasted in leek and grated cheese, which is a specialty of Mrs. Sucholas. Yet, Students Anna Jaksik and Klaudia Czapla prepared a multimedia presentation concerning traditional meals served at Christmas in such countries as Germany and Great Britain. Afterwards, students had an opportunity to take part in a short competition checking their knowledge on the above mentioned issue. We hope a similar event will take place also next year, since health protection should be given high priority (best healthy wishes C. Sucholas)

On Wednesday, we had a volleyball match - 2 teams were playing: Teacher vs. Students. After the first part the teachers had to accept the failure but the second part was more fierce and ended up in a draw! What can I say , on behalf of teachers I admit we weren’t as brilliant as You Students but it was definitely good fun and of course we promoted healthy, sporty lifestyle and that’s what really matters! Rafał Sobański, from 2c our host of the sport show, really surprised Ms. V. Tsirevelou by giving her a special T-shirt with our school logo and her name on it!


Moreover, the very same day Class Id turned classroom 04 into a restaurant kitchen and learned to prepare 2 salads: Team 1 was doing Polish salad with tuna and they were supposed to teach Ms. Tsirevelou how to do it when She goes back home to Greece. (I wonder if she can remember anything). Team 2 was doing Greek Salad that unfortunately appeared to be more Polish than Greek as we are missing some real Greek stuff used for this dish in its native land... Anyway, it was absolutely delicious especially if we add the fact that the salads were accompanied with crispy bread rolls and homemade garlic butter. My dear group Id you ALL were brilliant that day so Thank you very much.

On Thursday , Class II d prepared a short outline of Polish customs and traditions connected with Christmas. During a meeting with a Comenius assistant from Greece they compared Greek and Polish ways of celebrating Christmas. They talked about the Christmas preparations, Christmas Eve, which is not celebrated in Greece, church services, food, carols and presents.

Students from class Ib put on a Nativity play telling the story of Christmas. Students in costume acted as human and angel characters and used different props, a star, toy Steep. The infant Jesus was represented by a doll. The audience could watch some episodes from the beginning of Jesus’s life such as the story of the shepherds who decided to travel to Bethlehem and see the child, the wise men who followed the star in search of the new born king and offered him treasures of gold, frankincense, and myrrh and Herod planning to kill Jesus (best winter wishes Mrs. B. Czajka).

The performance was completed with a musical concert as students from 3f, 3c, 3d, 2e and 1c played and sang some Christmas and winter songs. I’m sure you know Silent night in German, English or Polish but this time you could hear the same Christmas Carol in Greek! Although Christmas is or should be a time of joy and happiness we cannot forget about people who are not having peace to celebrate this time and often need help. That’s why students reminded us that sharing is caring by reading letters to Santa Claus representing some people in need from all over the world.


On Friday, as you all know there were no lessons just celebrating our Polish and traditional Wigilijki Klasowe. To give the day more religious character, Class I c together with the Teacher of Religion Mrs. E. Szeliga presented a short scene of celebrating Christmas.

To sum up, Thank You All of you for preparing and participating in all the events above, You did a lot of work but I hope it was worth it! Hopefully, you found there something that you really liked and will remember!



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