Why do young Mormons travel around the world and teach about God? Who are the Amish and what is the diffrerence between the lifestyle of this community and ours? Why do American people listen to techno music, sing Gospel and like eating Jambalaya in some states?

If you are interested in American culture you may know the answers or you may try your knowledge and do the quiz attached below:) As a matter of fact, these issues were discussed during the American Day and our school workshop that took place on 18th October 2013. Thanks to students from class 2c : Ania Szczepanek, Ania Ptak, Ola Wanat, Marcelina Pietryga, Rafał Sobański, Karolina Serafin, Wiktoria Melaniuk and Agata Klimek students could participate in lectures devoted to American culture including religion, traditional cuisine and celebrations; music and film.

Yet, those who listened carefully were lucky to win some American gifts in a quiz presented at the end of the lectures.


Here are the winners – round 1:
1st place: Dominika Zielonka i Julia Banasik from class 1d
2nd place: Natalia Kałamaga and Natalia Dziura from class 1b.

As well as-round 2:
1st place: Dominika Zawartka and Sandra Sobota from class 3f
2nd place: Sebastian Hein and Szymon Hanzel from class 3d
3rd place: Michał Wtorek and Paulina Beśka from class 3d.

Ladies and Gentelmen Congratulations!




Except for learning, there was some time for a break and opportunity to try American goodies and snacks in school auditorium that turned into a restaurant. Students from class 1b together with their English teacher Ms Bożena Czajka were making fresh pankcakes with Maple syrop. Moreover, students from class 2c just as: Filip Augustyn and Karolina Szczygieł served sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly; Rafał Zrałek and Agnieszka Jedlińska prepared hot and toasted sandwiches with cheese and ham, Jakub Zdebel and Bernadetta Nocoń served lemonade and orange juice, Karolina Serafin together with her Grandmother baked delicious pumpkin cake and finally to finish up the feast you could try pieces of pear , apple, banana or marshmallows covered in hot and creamy chocolate made by Beata Tobór, Kinga Szeja and Ela Lubas. Did you try anything? I guess there couldn’t be American Day without good music and dancing. Undeniably , such an event is a perfect occasion to show some musical talents who usually walk unnoticed along our school corridors just like Dawid Klyczka from class 2a who together with Franek Robak from 2b, Jaro Nigiel from 1c and Adam Rurański from technical school within only two days prepared a few good pieces of music including soundtrack of Mission Impossible. As for the dance, I bet those of you who were in the school gym didn’t expect to see so many talented and trully professional dancers just like Izabela Kmiołek from 1d and her dancing partner Mr Paweł Nowak who presented Latin-American dances, next Marcelina Liebner from 2d and Ola Duda from 3e showed us some modern dances like Hip Hop and Jazz, then

  Patrycja Pawelec from 1a and her dancing partner presented unforgettable Rock’n’roll. I think you will agree with me if I say that all of the dancers were awesome! At the very end of the show, again the folks from 2c showed up on the stage, took control over the dancing floor by moving their feet to the rhythm of traditional country music. I suppose their talents wouldn’t be so well presented without the help of Ms Barbara Wieczorek (who used to dance herself) and Ms Sylwia Koj – the organisator of the dancing part. In fact, they also managed to convince other teachers to learn a few, basic American steps and dance together with the students. S Were they as great as the pupils??? I hope so... William Shakespear once said: „All well that ends well” and here I must say that was the end. Now all is left is just memories. Thanks to my students and also not my students :) for helping in organising that event. Also, many thanks to all of you who came to participate In our workshops. Perhaps you and your schoolmates liked the idea and one day you’ll do something interesting and enjoyable too! Fingers crossed.





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